Saturday, November 12, 2011

Express Yourself!

This weekend I waited in the lobby while my partner Dillan auditioned for a part in a new improv troupe. I sat in the lobby knitting my newest project: a pair of leg warmers. Purple, of course. As I sat in the chair, listening to the laughter and creativity just bursting from the audition room and knitting away, I felt so grateful for this moment of 'healthy expression' we were both creating. Both of us are self-proclaimed artists and are experienced with a wide variety of media. For me, these include drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, dance, general styling, etc. Sometimes I go a while without prioritizing Healthy Artistic Expression. But I know that when I create the time and space in my life for my creative outlets my mind is noticeably freer.
Art can manifest itself in many ways. The important part, in my opinion, is letting oneself get lost in the process of creating something and making it transform from an idea into a reality. In fact sometimes I even think of my work as a speech pathologist as art. It often requires a great deal of creativity and flexibility, and I often end up with a beautiful product (in the form of a relationship with a patient, or an unexpected learning experience).
Maybe you are also a self proclaimed artist. If you make time for art and creativity regularly in your life, wonderful! If not, what small ways can you bring in more moments of creativity, and therefore more outlets for freeing your mind? Where can you notice and cultivate unexpected moments of creative freedom in your everyday work or routine?

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