Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reaching Out for Support

Hi y'all. It's been a while. I took a big break from posting these past few months for a few reasons. Life can be a roller coaster sometimes and I have been on a particularly loop-de-loop-ey part lately. I needed to use all my precious energy to focus inward. And I also needed to learn a valuable lesson: when we need support, the strongest thing we can do is reach out for help.

Weee! Life is a roller coaster!

I am a health care professional. Providing guidance and support for people in some of their most challenging times is exactly what I love most about my job. But we live in a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps world. I had a subconscious false belief that I didn't (or even shouldn't) need that same level of support lurking around in the corners of my mind. I'm so glad I finally found it, shined a bright light on it, and shooed it away.

I would often recommend supplemental healers and professionals for my patients when I felt that their emotional or energetic health or their relationships were playing a role in their communication challenges. Now that I have experienced the benefits these modalities have had for me in my own life, I can wholeheartedly speak to their value. I'd like to introduce you to my healing team. Here are descriptions of some the modalities I have used recently to heal on all the levels that make up my body/mind/spirit.

Talk therapy or Counseling: I am sooo grateful for my generation's changing opinion of therapy. I hear more and more of my friends seeking and benefiting from individual, couples, and family therapy. It's not just for "crazy people" anymore! Therapy can help us work through big life events, and/or can be used as health maintenance. We don't have to be facing death, divorce, or catastrophe to start to tackle our "stuff."

Heath Coaching: Yes, I have my own health coach! One of the best investments I have made in myself, maybe ever. Health coaches can have different foci depending on their clients' needs and can include nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, career goals, and spirituality. Health coaches can help you 'get in the drivers seat' of your life wherever you feel stuck.

Yoga: My yoga is not just stretches and twisty poses. Although the physical benefits are undeniable, from improved joint and muscle health to the nervous system benefits of yogic breath work, there is a lot more to it. Many yoga instructors encourage their students to bring their yoga off the mat, meaning that the lessons they learn in practice can be so applicable to real life. For example, learning to stay through an intense strength building pose, and not giving up, can teach us to stay present in a challenging moment off the mat too.

Energy Healing: Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that is gaining more and more attention in western health care. There is controversy in the scientific community regarding how reiki works however I have personally found this modality to be extremely helpful. Here is one article on the scientific support for reiki

Massage: The ultimate self care practice. Our emotional and spiritual stress can manifest itself in the physical body. Massage with an excellent therapist can be deeply emotionally stirring and healing.

What healing modalities have you found valuable? Leave your comments here!